The Pleasure of Worldly Possessions

Worldly possessions are nice and can bring some temporary pleasure or relief from suffering. The pretty new handbag or the comfortable flats for a gentle stride home instead of walking in ridiculous heels. But these things are by nature temporary, slowly breaking down. The handbag scuffs and the comfortable flats fall apart. Don’t even mention the heels.

The pleasure or relief that we experience is also short lived. Perhaps that hangbag becomes unfashionable and the novelty of the ridiculous soon wears off. Instead they become a burden along with so many possessions that we move from apartment to apartment. They are included in our responsibilities.

Changes to our mind and philosophical outlook can bring a more long lasting change to our state of happiness. By making inner changes then it doesn’t matter if we lose one of our ridiculous heels, because we are happy within and that shines through. Happiness within stays with us longer than a pretty handbag. This happiness is slowly developed day by day, through the practice of meditation, through the practice of the Dharma.
Love, @happy_ops