The Power of Love

In our previous article we described the importance of returning the sentiment when people say “Merry Christmas” and being able to reciprocate that well-wishing. Now continuing on the theme of Christmas, one of our favourite Christmas songs is ‘The Power of Love’ by ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’. This article is about that song.

The Power of Love

‘The Power of Love’ is not a traditional seasonal song because the lyrics make no reference to Christmas. But the reference to a soul, God (“a force from above”) as the source for love, and the capability of that love to purify (“cleaning my soul”). The associated between God and love are clearly repeated (“Lovers entwine, divine divine”). Other language in the lyrics refer to angels (“Dreams are like angels”) and doves (“A sky-scraping dove”). The video for the song uses Christian imagery to tell the nativity – the story of the birth of Jesus.

‘The Power of Love’ describes long lasting love and the experience of being in love. The protective qualities for the people that we love (“I’ll protect you from the hooded claw. Keep the vampires from your door”) and the enduring quality of love (“I’ll be around with my undying. Death defying love for you”).

We really like this message of love for yourself and love for others, and that is what the real message of Christmas should be about. Whether that love is shown through generosity to poor people, helping those experiencing difficulty, or some other act of kindness.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and love in your life.


Love, @happy_ops