The Lies We Tell Ourselves

Being True To Ourselves

Last week a Republican state legislator for Ohio was caught having sex with a man in his office, after taking a strong right-wing, anti-LGBT stance as a legislator based on Christian values. Wes Goodman being caught having sex in your office is not a great look, but the real reason why Goodman resigned is because of the contrast between his stance as a state legislator with Republican views and his sexual preferences.

Anti-LGBT politician resigns after being ‘caught having sex with man in his office’
Wes Goodman resigns for ‘inappropriate conduct’

Some people might consider the contrast between Wes Goodman’s stance as a legislator and him being caught having sex with a man as some delicious irony or hypocrisy. At @happy_ops we think this contrast must have been a source of terrific suffering for Goodman throughout his teenage and adult life. Afterall, Goodman has defined his career and marriage around a lie that he has told himself, told his wife, and told the people that voted for him. We are concerned about what factors brought him to the point where he had to lie, whether it was the expectations of his community or religious leaders, the type of upbringing, or perhaps he just that he felt there was no other option.

Faced with the media attention, his career and marriage will no doubt go through a tremendous series of changes that will impact all other aspects of his life. But we deeply hope that Wes Goodman is able to work through these difficult changes by being totally honest with himself, with his wife, and with his community.

We Are All Equal In Seeking Happiness

By way of contrast, this week Australia voted to allow same-sex marriage. Whether you think marriage is a good idea or not, the principle is that everybody gets the same rights and the community regards same-sex couples in the same way as heterosexual couples. At @happy_ops we look forward to the legislation being passed quickly.

Australia says yes to same-sex marriage in historic postal survey

Marriage equality could be legal by Christmas after 61.6% of participants in the voluntary survey approve a change to the law

In this way Australia’s vote to allow same-sex marriage fits within the Buddhist teachings that everybody is equal. We all seek happiness, we all avoid suffering. This sense of equality is necessary to move past the innate sense of self-cherishing and move towards cherishing others through practices such as ‘Equalising & Exchanging Self With Others’. Through these and other practices we develop a sense of genuine kindness and good will to others.

Wishing You Happiness

We hope that whether you prefer same-sex or heterosexual partners, that you are happy and can be honest with yourself. We sincerely hope that Goodman is able to create a life that he is much happier living.

Love, @happy_ops