Qualities of a Dharma Teacher, Minimum

In ‘Ornament for the Mahayana Sutras’, Maitreya describes 10 defining qualities of the teacher to be relied upon. It is best to have all 10 qualities but at a minimum the

The minimum 5 qualities of a Dharma teacher are:

  1. Loving concern: Teaching with the motivation of love and compassion.
  2. Knowledge of reality: Knowledge of the selflessness of phenomena.
  3. Ethical discipline: Will be discussed in the next few articles.
  4. Concentration: Having trained in meditative concentration.
  5. Wisdom: Having trained in the knowledge of reality.

Our guru should possess these 5 qualities as a minimum. For further information please see pp.70-75:

The Great Treatise On The Stages Of The Path To Enlightenment vol.1 by Lama Tsongkhapa
ISBN 9781559394420

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