Happiness game: 3 things grateful for, 3 things looking forward to

Today a special friend was dealing with some sadness. We encouraged them to let the feeling of sadness arise within them. But when they were ready we wanted them to start to feel positive or happy again, so we used this exercise that we like to do together.

You can do it in a conversation with somebody or make a note of it in a journal or on the fridge. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to make some activity a habit, including this activity. The idea is that despite the negative situations and problems that we deal with every day we still focus the positive things instead.

Name 3 positive things that you experienced today.

At the end of the day look back and note 3 positive things that happened that day. It needs to be specific and it needs to be positive.

Bad example, way too vague:

– Today I am grateful for my health.

Good example, that is specific:

+ Today I found out that the damage to my eye is short term and my eye will recover with time.

Bad example, that is something not happening and somewhat mean:

– Today I am glad I didn’t have to work with that bitch Tracy at work.

Good example, that is positive:

+ Today I had the opportunity to work with Brian who creates a positive atmosphere.

Name 3 positive things that you are looking forward to tomorrow.

What are 3 positive things that you are looking forward to tomorrow? These things might not happen and you might have a different set of 3 positive things at the end of the day. But the idea is to have something positive to look forward to for tomorrow. Again, it needs to be specific, it needs to be positive, it also needs to be planned or likely.

Bad example, that is unlikely:

– Tomorrow I hope that I win the lottery and get one million dollars.

Good example, that is planned and likely:

+ Tomorrow I look forward to my morning commute into work and reading the next chapter of ‘Happiness’ by Matthieu Ricard.

Love, @happy_ops