Dedicating To More Than First World Problems

Formal dedications include the long life of the teacher and for all beings to have the opportunity to receive teachings. Personal dedications include a friend’s quick recovery from an illness or politicians to make the decisions that will really benefit people.

We attend formal Buddhist ceremonies such as pujas. The ceremonies might include 20 or more attendees, each performing the practice to the best of their abilities.

As part of the ceremonies we have the opportunity to add a personal dedication. This is to dedicate the merit from the Buddhist ceremony to a worthy goal that is virtuous. You should do the same in your day-to-day life. By dedicating the merit we are creating the causes to achieve our spiritual goals and things line up in our lives.

We feel that with all of the merit generated from the Buddhist ceremonies there are bigger problems in the world to address, instead of our ‘first world problems’. Instead we make this dedication. There are so many problems in the world, but world peace would be wonderful in itself, but it also means that people of the world have made peace with themselves. No leaders of any country will say “well we hate ourselves but let’s make peace with our neighbouring country”. No, peace needs to come to the leaders themselves, then it will spread out in the world.

World peace now through meaningful negotiations.

The big threat to peace in the world is the provocation between US President D.Trump and N.Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, and tension with neighbouring S.Korea and China. This could realistically end in the use of nuclear weapons. But there are the on-going loss of life caused by ISIS in the Middle East, the one-sided Israeli / Palestinian conflict, chemical weapons in Syria, and the Afghanistan war. We would like them all to end because while politicians posture for political point-scoring dressed in nice suits, people are really suffering from these conflicts.

Love, @happy_ops