Different But Equal, Accepting Things We Can Not Change

In order to develop compassion for other beings it is necessary to face our suffering then to be able to recognise that the suffering of other people is equal. This article expands on the first part of this statement.

I don’t like this, make it stop!!

If we are able to face our suffering and correctly label it “suffering” can bring a strong sense of calm. We do suffer, but our knee-jerk reaction is to reject this suffering and be determined to get back to a happy. The Noble Truth of suffering is the first of the 4 Noble Truths.

The narrative is “I don’t like this, make it stop!!”. So we struggle and strain to get back to that sense of comfort. Some things can be changed, like changing our diet when we are overweight. Some things can not be changed, and we must accept that suffering, like getting older. There is not enough face cream in the world to stop aging, despite what claims the advertisements might make!!

Our suffering is there throughout our lives. It takes obvious forms, such as sickness, old age, and death. But it can take many other forms, such as high expectations in career and pay rises, and other social expectations on appearance, behaviour, and other social narratives.

Our suffering is reduced simply by accepting the things that we can not change. When we can lose our attachment to things beings a certain way, when we change the narrative in our minds to be more in accordance with reality. By ‘narrative’ we mean how we are emotionally involved in objects of attachment. Lama Yeshe talks about this in ‘Becoming Your Own Therapist’ that is available from @LYWA for free right here:

Love, @happy_ops