Top 3 Roles in NZ To Be Occupied By Women

It is our pleasure to point out that the top three roles in New Zealand will soon be occupied by women. These roles are described in the table below, for Chief Justice, Governor General, and Prime Minister. This will happen once @JacindaArden is formally appointed as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister.

Role Person Appointed
Chief Justice Rt Hon. Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias GNZM PC QC 2004
Governor General Dame Patricia Lee Reddy, GNZM, QSO, DStJ 2016
Prime Minister Jacinda Arden 2017

We would like to think that New Zealand reflects what an integrated society should look like. This certainly contrasts with the bigotry and lies described by George W Bush in his speech regarding the current administration in the United States:

Love, @happy_ops