@WinstonPeters: For too many New Zealanders, capitalism has not been their friend but their foe

At @happy_ops  we are very happy that NZ (New Zealand) First has made the decision to form a coalition government with the Labour party in New Zealand. The decision was made just 16 hours ago on October 19, 2017 after NZ First completed negotiations.

New Zealand First leader @WinstonPeters made comments about the growing divide between the wealthy few and the many living in poverty.

“For too many New Zealanders, capitalism has not been their friend but their foe,” Peters said, claiming vulnerable people had been left behind while the political elite got richer. “We believe capitalism must regain its human face, and that conviction deeply influenced our decision.”

“The biggest issue is, we have heard and read many comments about poverty and the concertina-ing of wealth in fewer and fewer hands … That has to change.”


It is a new day and a new coalition government compromised of the NZ First, @NZLabour, and the Greens parties. We are very positive about what the coalition government will achieve together and the benefit that they will bring into people’s lives in New Zealand. We look forward to the coalition government reducing the suffering to those living on the periphery of society, including people that are sick, young, old, or poor.

Love, @happy_ops