We are Buddhist, Not Buddhas

Recently we have had the sense of being somewhat of a fraud in the sense of we try to apply the Dharma teachings but we often fail. We have many failings, including:

  • We are often lazy and watch too much TV.
  • We fail to prioritise the Dharma and get drawn into meetings at work instead of attend teachings.
  • We often drink too much, losing our mindfulness and being unable to reflect or apply the Dharma to our lives.
  • We often become attached to possessions and the narrative of our lives.

This sense of being somewhat of a fraud has made it difficult for us to write articles here. Simply put, we have felt like phonies. We have the wonderful Bodhisattva ideal, but our reach is very limited for such a lofty goal.

We would like to reaffirm here that we are Buddhists but we are not Buddhas. We do not claim to be Buddhas, we are not Geshes, or carry any other qualification as a lama or meditator. These articles are not edited or reviewed by anybody other than ourselves.

We are simply Dharma students, trying to make sense of the Buddha’s teachings and apply them to our lives. We hope that by writing these articles they will benefit others in some small way. We write the articles in a realistic way, and try to make our own limitations and failings clear.

Love, @happy_ops