HH @DalaiLama: “Brothers and Sisters”

We have found the recent events in Myanmar (Burma) to be deeply disturbing. We found the troubling actions of a Buddhist country to be divisive against it’s own people. Simply for being Muslim their own population have been treated differently. Based on the report from the UN it appears that the events can considered to be nothing but ethnic cleansing.

In this article we would like to reflect upon love for all beings on the planet. We really love you and in this article we would like to give 5 reasons why you should love everybody.

5 Reasons Why To Love All Beings

#1. You’re awesome. Everybody is awesome.

#2. Here is a quote from HH @DalaiLama from February 06, 2017 in New Delhi, India described by Tenzin Samten:

Speaking about treating all human beings as the same, His Holiness said that he has reasons for always greeting his audiences as “brothers and sisters”. “We are all human beings, part of the population of 7 billion [people] alive today. The way we are born and affectionately nurtured by our mothers is the same. This is how we survive. Later, we all die the same way. We are physically, mentally and emotionally the same. We share the same kind of feelings of pleasure and pain. And yet we neglect the oneness of human beings and forget that others are our brothers and sisters. Instead we emphasise the secondary differences between us of colour, race, faith and nationality. We view each other in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’, which inevitably provokes conflict,” he explained.


#3. To be Buddhist means to accept all beings as equal, but different. We are all caught in the same situation – Cyclic Existence or Samsara. We all wish to be free of suffering and seek happiness. We all have the same potential for Nirvana and Enlightenment. As HH @DalaiLama explained, we are all one humanity living on the same planet Earth. Yes, there are differences between us but there is an equality between every being. This means that everybody deserves to be loved just as we deserve to be loved.

#4. My positive karma and the karmic seeds that I generate depends entirely on the people around me. For me to practice generosity I first need a poor person. For me to practice patience I first need a difficult person. For me to practice love I first need to find an angry person. Without other people and animals my karma seeds will neither be created no ripen. This could be thought of as the kindness of others, but it could also be thought of another reason why everybody deserves to be loved just as we deserve to be loved.

#5. If I am a Mahayana practitioner, then as described in the previous article , two separate wishes are required to be a Mahayana practitioner. The first is the wish for all beings to have happiness, not one being is excluded from this wish. Whether they are from a different country or follow a different religion it does not matter, the wish is not restricted in any way to any specific group. In other words, the Mahayana path mandates love.


On reflection, it was the teachings on kindness, compassion, and love that really drew us to Buddhism. These things are not unique to Buddhism, but the sincerity of the practitioners that included in their scope all beings everywhere, really captivated us. Previously we considered ourselves to be atheists and that was the end of the line. This changed when we found mind training texts, such as ‘Mind Training Like the Rays of the Sun’ by Geshe Chekawa.


In conclusion, there is no other choice but to love all beings. HH @DalaiLama said it better on February 06, 2017:

“Be a kind and compassionate person. This is the inner beauty that is a key factor to making a better world,” said His Holiness to a student on asking what message she could take home with her.


Love, @happy_ops