Work / Life: A Text Message From A Boss

One of our friends here at  @happy_ops works in IT and their boss contacted them at 9:30pm via text message (SMS) to take a look a none-urgent matter. Rather than looking into the none-urgent matter our friend at  @happy_ops simply ignored the the text message (SMS). Responding to the none-urgent whims of their boss is not part of their job and by looking into the matter it sets an unpleasant precedent for future none-urgent matters. Having done it once, there would no doubt be more late night text messages (SMS) to follow.

We think that the modern trend of people spending more and more time at work, responding to work emails and text messages (SMS), and never really being away from work is unhealthy. There is no time to forget about work and really relax, spend time with our friends and family, do the things that we enjoy away from work. This view no doubt contradicts the view of our  @happy_ops friend’s boss. While it is important to develop a career through effort, there is more to this precious human life than work alone.

Boundaries need to be set for our boss and work colleagues that might otherwise encroach on our own personal time. This is easily said and it is difficult to strike a balance between the effort required to develop a career (and not getting fired) against the boundaries that we need to live our personal lives outside of work. For our friend at  @happy_ops it was getting a text message (SMS) at 9:30pm with the expectation to do some none-urgent work.

Love, @happy_ops