Nationalism The Friendly Face Of Racism

On reflection we find nationalism to be a concern because it creates a narrow view of the world and fails to put kindness and compassion into action.

Nationalism is becoming a driving force in countries around the world. For example, President Donald Trump is driving to “make America great again” by focusing on America’s own interests and problems. Prime Minister Theresa May is negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union choosing to restrict the flow of people and trade between Britain and Europe.

The risk is that notions of nationalism are frequently tied to underlying notions of “us versus them”, such as in Britain people might complain about “foreigners coming over here taking our jobs”. But this fails to grasp the notion that British people also live and work in European countries.

The problem is that while some of these notions of nationalism might sound like reasonable concerns, they are typically used as arguments by people and political parties that have a much more sinister agenda. In other words nationalism is the friendly face of racism or xenophobia. For example, many UKIP party members were found to be outright racist or xenophobic.

The logic of nationalism is about isolating us versus them, keep us over here and them over there. It is the logic that has the simple purpose of separating people when actually we are all simply beings seeking happiness.

Love, @happy_ops