Other ways of generating bodhicitta

A lot of the arguments in Buddhism for taking refuge in the 3 Jewels and to generate bodhicitta both rely upon focusing on the suffering of yourself (to take refuge) and on the suffering others (to generate bodhicitta).

For example, in ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’ chapter 2 verse 50 concludes:

To him whose deeds of mercy never fail,

My lord Avalokita,

I cry out from the depths of misery,

“Protect me now an evildoer!”

These are very useful lines of thinking but sometimes we find it to make for some emotional heavy lifting that leaves us emotionally drained.

Sometimes we like to reflect on some different arguments:

  • Yes, we are facing struggles every day. But what if we could bring the experience of happiness, perfect and complete for ourselves.
  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other beings could experience happiness? How wonderful the world would be if we could bring all other beings the experience of happiness, perfect and complete for every being on the planet? What a wonderful world it might be.

Love, @happy_ops