Living Overseas, Trying To Lose Weight

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We live overseas and return back to our countries of origin every few years. Recently while we visited our countries of origin we received several judgements from those loved ones regarding our weights. This was confirmed in hot, sweaty changing rooms when we saw our reflection in the mirrors. What we saw definitely did not match the clenched abdomens and calves that featured in the stores’ advertising. We were surprised to see ourselves for what we are, oversized and unhealthy.

In Buddhism, this life is a precious opportunity to put the Dharma into action each day, to practice the 6 Perfections, to achieve direct realizations, even to become a Buddha in this very life. We waste this precious opportunity by not looking after this body and taking proper care of it.

New Resolutions

With this in mind we have decided to make several changes to our diets that we will try to stick with in order to lose weight. It is not a new year, but we have resolved to do the following:

  • To commit to exercising 3 times per week. Previously this has been a well intended goal that was never achieved.
  • To stop eating chocolate and desserts. As described in previous articles, we switched from a vegan to a vegetarian to a omnivore diet. This has presented us with many delicious options for chocolate and desserts. As vegans our options were restricted to dark chocolate and some desserts from specialist stores. With milk chocolate, pavlova, and a plethora of other delights available to us, we might have somewhat gorged ourselves on sweet treats. This honeymoon must now come to an end.
  • To stop drinking wine and cider, instead we will drink whisky and other spirits without mixers. Based on the table (see below) we can see that there is some benefit from drinking whisky instead of wine or beer.
  • To commit to meditating 3 times per week, even if it is for 10 minutes. We often study or engage in a discussion group. It seems that we cannot find 10 minutes for ourselves even though we give so much of our time to work and other commitments. This will help us to settle our minds from the race of modern life.

Our intention is to commit to these 4 points until Christmas time in 2017.

Love, @happy_ops

Drink Calories
50ml double shot of 40% whisky 120
175ml glass of 12% wine 126
1 pint of 5% strength beer 215