Meaningful Travel With @DharmaJourneys

Ven. Robina Courtin frequently provides pilgrimages to Nepal, India, and Indonesia through the Dharma Journeys organisation:

The most recent pilgrimage by Dharma Journeys was in March 2017 led by Geshe Zopa. He is the monk in the moving documentary ‘Unmistaken Child’. The documentary follows the student as Geshe Zopa searches for the reincarnation of his teacher.

The next pilgrimage by Dharma Journeys will be in October 2017 to sacred Buddhist sites of Nepal and India. It will be led by Ven. Robina Courtin.

In the future we would like to join Dharma Journeys as a safe and meaningful way to explore places that carry great significance for Buddhist practitioners. We would be concerned if it deteriorated into a simple holiday with selfies and a mantra thrown in every now and then.

We have never been on a pilgrimage but we think that it is time for us to start saving our pennies!!

On reflection, we think that pilgrimage is useful insofar as it would improve our practice of the Dharma. This improvement might be from the blessings that we receive by visiting the holy places and spiritual masters and teachers that we will meet during the pilgrimage. This improvement would be to our development and practice of Bodhicitta (strong compassion for all beings) and Emptiness (the Buddhist philosophy).

Love, @happy_ops