Buddhist Correspondence Courses

When In Rome …

We spent a period of time travelling and immediately after that we were in a city that did not have a Tibetan Buddhist center. This meant that we were without teachings for a substantial amount of time, years not just months.

Despite the good motivation to study and practice, we find it difficult to stick to a set timetable. As a result of this situation we committed to pursuing Tibetan Buddhism through correspondence courses. This meant that we had access to teachings and had a set timetable to follow / keep up with.

Geshe Tashi Tsering at Jamyang Buddhist Center

Over the years we completed two correspondence courses that are run from the Jamyang Buddhist Center in London. The courses follow teachings given by Geshe Tashi Tshering and follow texts available from bookshops.


Foundation of Buddhist Thought

The first course was the Foundation of Buddhist Thought course spread over two years. It provides a clear understanding of key Buddhist concepts and ideas as 6 seperate modules:

  1. The Four Noble Truths
  2. Relative Truth, Ultimate Truth
  3. Buddhist Psychology
  4. The Awakening Mind
  5. Emptiness
  6. An Overview of Tantric Paths and Grounds


Lamrim Chenmo

The second is the Lamrim Chenmo course spread over two and a half years, based on Lama Tsongkhapa’s Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. This provides a clear path for Buddhist students to practice that builds on the concepts and ideas established in the Foundation of Buddhist Thought course.


Looking Back

Having completed the courses we find that we often return back to the material for meditation or to help our understanding. Only now do we appreciate the level of understanding that these courses provided.

We warmly recommend that anybody on the road or living outside of city centers to consider participating in these great courses.

Love, @happy_ops