Karma, real results

The previous article discussed karma in relation to the text ‘Wheel-Weapon Mind Training’. The text raises these questions:

  • What self-indulgent plans should we reconsider so that they do not harm others?
  • How can we make our plans to be more about the interests of others?

Even a simple act of generosity can seem very challenging, nevermind a far more self-sacrificing act. Many and varied excuses can flood your mind even for an act of generosity, such as when confronted by:

  • A homeless person, we might think “we won’t give it to them because they might waste it on alcohol”.
  • A charitable organisation, we might think “we won’t give it to them because they might waste it on administration and C-level management”.
  • The moment of actually giving, we might think “we won’t give them too much because we need to pay for food shopping, meals out, fashionable clothes, dharma books”.

It is amusing that we might go so low as to use the dharma as an excuse against practising the dharma!! Our inner thoughts might go along the lines of:

“Well I need to spend that money on expensive dharma books”

Really?! Are you sure that you don’t have enough books and should probably practice the perfection of generosity instead?

While an understanding of the dharma is important, particularly regarding bodhicitta and emptiness, the dharma is something that you do in relation to others. You do the dharma through actions like practising generosity towards others. These actions result in the karma that will unavoidably boomerang back to you in the future.

Love, @happy_ops