Karma, like a Boomerang

The ‘Wheel-Weapon Mind Training’ is another mind training text, but this text is attributed to Dharmarakshita. The text is composed of 117 verses that draw into question whether our actions are congruent with our understanding of karma.

This is verse 46 from’Wheel-Weapon Mind Training’:

In short, when calamities befall me, it is the weapon
of my own evil deeds turned upon me, like a smith killed
by his own sword. From now on I shall be heedful
of my own negative actions.

Like being hoisted by our own petard, all of our carefully laid plans backfire and explode in our face. This does not ask us to avoid making plans, afterall you are the master of your own destiny. This does mean that our plans are typically serve only ourselves to the detriment of others. This verse is saying that those self-serving plans are actually detrimental to ourselves, not to others.

The title of the text ‘Wheel-Weapon Mind Training’ brings to mind a boomerang. We throw the weapon to a target that serves our own purpose, but the the boomerang circles back, hitting ourselves. This helps to understand that the karmic results of our actions will return with force and that they are unavoidable.

Love, @happy_ops