Serlingpa, our man in Indonesia

Atisha travelled from the Nalanda monastery in India to Tibet and a substantial part of Tibetan Buddhism is based on three sets of teachings fro Atisha. One of those three sets of teachings was the mind training teachings.

Atisha received the mind training teachings from Serlingpa. Serlingpa actually means “the man from the golden isles” in other words “the man from Sumatra (Indonesia)” in other words not his real name at all. Serlingpa was known as Suvarnadvipi, Dharmamati, or his personal name is Dharmakirti, which literally means “the fame of Dharma”.

The ‘7 Point Mind Training’ by Geshe Chekawa is that it combines the Theravadan teachings to be observed in our external behaviour and the Mahayana teachings to be observed in our internal behaviour.

Serlingpa’s teachings were based on ‘Teachings of Vimalakirti’, particularly this statement:

“[Self-centered] viewing of the perishable composite is the seed of the tathagata”

In other words, self-grasping is the tool at your disposal that can be used to develop bodhicitta, including equalising and exchanging self with others.

Atisha continued to show great respect to Serlingpa, as Serlingpa had taught Atisha how to actually bring about the awakening mind, which is the key point of the mind training teachings. Atisha said:

“The little warm-hearteness that I possess is due to the kindness of my teaching Serlingpa.”

The mind training teachings were passed on from Serlingpa, to Atisha, until they were presented by Geshe Chekawa in the ‘7 Point Mind Training’.

Love, @happyops