The primary opponents: self-grasping & self-cherishing

We are continuing our investigation into the ‘7 Point Mind Training’ by Geshe Chekawa. The ‘Mind Training: The Great Collection’ translated by Thupten Jinpa. The ‘Great Collection’ includes many mind training text and commentary translations.

“Since there is only the self-grasping to be eliminated and the well-being of others to be sought, those engaged inthe practice of the Buddha’s teaching must understand how to relate whatever practice they undertake to these two endeavors.”

Another way of saying “well-being of others to be sought” is to overcome self-cherishing. In other words, all of the Buddha’s teachings relate directly or indirectly to overcoming self-grasping and self-cherishing. They are the primary opponents to overcome. Any practice, such as the practice of the ‘7 Point Mind Training’ must be applied in order to directly or indirectly overcome self-grasping and self-cherishing.
If the primary opponents are self-grasping and self-cherishing then how should they be understood?

  • Self-grasping: That there is definitely a @happy_ops that that truly exists, independently, inherently, and intrinsically. But actually@happy_ops does not exist as definitely as it appears.
  • Self-cherishing: What if we said that the self-centered attitude actually brings you more problems than it solves? That looking out for number #1 actually brings more suffering. Whereas if we sought “the well-being of others” then that is the true path to happiness?

In modern society both of these require a complete shift from our current view of the world and view of ourselves. Indeed, there is work to be done. We love ‘7 Point Mind Training’ by Geshe Chekawa because it lays out that work in direct relation to self-grasping and self-cherishing.

Love, @happy_ops