Returning to meat, the first experience

As described in the previous article, we have decided to return to eating meat after a 7 year absence. This decision has been based on health and nutrition concerns.

We hadn’t eaten meat for approx. 7 years. During that time we found the sight of pre-packaged meat horrifying in supermarkets, something to be walked past swiftly while looking elsewhere.

Over time our taste buds had changed after following the vegetarian diet for 3 years and the vegan diet for 4 years. We became more sensitive to tastes and to smells. There was a definite change in our own body smells. Our body odors lost their sharpness and were not as pungent by the end of the day. Instead, they became more subtle, particularly around our armpits and external genitalia.

With these more sensitive smell sensations we began to find the smell of cooking meat unpleasant. To be honest, sometimes cooking meat even smelled like shit. With these smells we did not miss the idea of eating a steak meal or other meat meals. The exception was the smell of bacon, that we did find appealing and we did miss.

The first experience eating meat was quite strange. We decided to go with a traditional burger with bacon and chips. Looking at the burger the fibres and texture appeared very unpleasant, as though it looked like a healing knee after it had been scraped during a fall. We expected the burger itself to taste unpleasant but the bacon to taste nice. Taking the first few bites it was quite the opposite. The burger itself was pleasant, despite the fibres and texture. The bacon tasted alarmingly fleshy like human tissue.

We will continue eating meat every week or so. Next time we might try a wrapped parcel of fish and chips, that we have missed that in the past.

Love, @happy_ops