Everybody Eats, The Southern Hemisphere

Temperatures are dropping in the southern hemisphere for the winter months. Things will be cold between now and September or October.

Our minds turn to the people living on the streets, to the children in low income homes, those suffering from domestic violence, or other difficult situations. Those difficult situations will only get worse over the course of the winter months.

Like so many other charities in New Zealand, these charities continue to deal with on-going cuts from a National government that has been in power since 2008. As with the Australian Liberals, American Republicans, or British Conservatives, they New Zealand Nationals follow political philosophy of cutting budgets for public services and the social supports. After on-going cuts since 2008, these budgets are now cutting down to the bone. Many charities are forced to close or now offer only a skeleton service.

In the absence of support from the New Zealand National government we would like to warmly encourage our readers to donate to charities across New Zealand that serve people facing these difficult situations. We think everybody should receive essential support, like food, shelter, a kind word.

Tibetan Buddhist practice includes the ‘6 Perfections’. The first ‘perfection’ is generosity, in other words giving. Whether the giving is food, shelter, a kind word, or the Dharma. By giving to charities like these then it means that you can practice generosity.

Love, @happy_ops