Modern society, prioritising the Dharma

In a previous article we described Eisenhower’s urgent / important principle. This leads to the question of: how do we prioritise the Dharma in our lives?

The Dharma is important due to the significance that it carries in this lifetime and future lifetimes. But the Dharma does not seem as urgent or pressing. This can result in important Buddhist practices being delayed for activities like:

  • Impending project deadline.
  • A friend’s relationship crisis.

The main tool available is to be able to weigh the importance of these activities. We need to be able to say give ourselves time and space to practice the Dharma. The only way to do that is to be able to say “no” or at least “not until later” to other urgent distractions that don’t have the same importance to our lives.

It can be difficult to let people down, including customers and friends, but it is the only way to ensure that we have time put aside to practice the Dharma.

Love, @happy_ops