Now You Can Watch ‘Animalympics’, Thanks To @DiscoverSonar

‘Animalympics’ is an animated made-for-TV movie made in 1980. The movie is animated but features the voices of Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner, and Harry Shearer.

The movie was often screened around big athletics events. But ‘Animalympics’ stopped being screened and was not available on VHS or DVD for many years. This has been on our “difficult to find but worth the effort” list for many years, along with ‘Real Genius’, ‘Ulysses 31’, and more recently ‘Fearless’.

Now @DiscoverSonar have kindly decided to release ‘Animalympics’ for free on YouTube. The quality indicates the made-for-TV history but the songs and jokes stand out and make the movie a lot of fun.

We really enjoyed ‘Animalympics’ when we were younger and it makes us happy to hear that @DiscoverSonar have made the movie available for free on YouTube. We warmly recommend the movie for children and adults, and hope that it brings happiness to you:

Enjoy, @happy_ops