Modern society, vs. precious human rebirth

1. Precious Human Rebirth

Of the six realms, a Precious Human Rebirth is a rebirth in the human realm. But it is much more than that.

A Precious Human Rebirth includes many other factors that place us at an important time in history:

  • You have the physical capacity to hear or read teachings.
  • You have the mental capacity to comprehend and reflect on the teachings.
  • To be born after a buddha has taught the Dharma.
  • To be born while there are accurate interpretations of Dharma teachings by teachers, and there is an active Buddhist community.
  • To be born in a country with religious freedoms, the Dharma teachings can be accessed, and are available in languages that we understand.

Without these factors, it is just a human rebirth. With these factors, there is the possibility of attaining Liberation from Samsara or complete Enlightenment through the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

2. Only time will tell

Unfortunately, a Precious Human Rebirth provides a very limited scope to practice the Buddha’s teachings. We all only have 24 hours in a day to spend, much of it is already tied up with caring for the body with food and sleep, work, and our relationships.

This leads to the question of: how should we utilise the time that we have with a Precious Human Rebirth and maximise our potential through the practice of the Buddha’s teachings?

In order to maximise our potential we would need to remove the unnecessary trappings of modern society from our lives and focus ourselves on the Buddha’s teachings.

Love, @happy_ops