Modern society, make the most of free computer time with @WCGrid

This series of articles about modern society describes some of the down sides of modern society, such as enjoying time outside of the workplace. While there are down sides to modern society there are also many benefit, particularly in technology and medicine.

We would like to describe the ‘IBM World Community Grid’ project that brings together technology and medicine. Not just any technology, but your computer or tablet can be used to contribute towards the largest computing grid to benefit humanity.

Your idle computer or tablet time can be used to identify effective treatments for cancer, HIV/AIDS, Zika virus, and neglected tropical diseases. We think that it is an amazing way to contribute to medicine and benefit the health of other people. That sounds like “a win” to us.

Instead of displaying a screensaver, this is how you can contribute your idle computer or tablet time to the ‘IBM World Community Grid’ project:

1. Create an account for free at the ‘IBM World Community Grid’ project web site.

2. Download the software to your computer, whether it is MS Windows, Linux, Apple Mac, or Android:

3. Select which projects you would like to contribute your computer’s idle time to:

4. Once installed, you can configure the software to run as much as you like. You can just configure the software to run while your computer is idle, typically this time is used to display a screensaver. At @happy_ops we configure the software to run all of the time in the background. You could do this as well by selecting Tools > Computing Preferences. Just use these settings:


Love, @happy_ops