Love Everybody On Earth On #EarthDay

We all live on the same Earth under the same Sun, breathe the same air, the same rain falls on our skin, we drink the same water and eat food from the same Earth. Perhaps your slice of Earth is far from our slice of Earth, in a different city or country but it is the same Earth. The Earth ties us all together, which slice of Earth we call ‘home’.

We all have the same wishes for happiness and to live without suffering. Depending on which slice of Earth we call ‘home’ our views will be affected by our culture, our language, our political climate. But each wish for happiness and to live without suffering carries the same value as our own wishes.

Because others are the same as ourselves, they are deserving of our love, compassion, and kindness. It doesn’t matter which slice of Earth they call ‘home’, the language that they speak, or any other differences. Everybody deserves to be treated with the same love, compassion, and kindness. Afterall, we are all the same living on the same Earth.

This view that includes all the people on the Earth. We could expand this view to include all of the animals that also live on the same Earth. By thinking about the welfare of other people and other animals our concern changes from a “me first” attitude to the welfare of all humans and animals on the Earth.

Love, @happy_ops