Stephen Fry on God, about karma

On @happy_ops we generally take the approach of being neutral towards theistic religions and encourage integration and understanding. However, in the previous article we described how the concept of a god responsible for “intelligent design” to be terrifying. Somebody thought sickness, war, to be a good idea? British comedian Stephen Fry says it so much better:

At @happy_ops we find the concept of karma to be a lot more workable. Karma was once described as being like sitting out in the sun in Australia with no clothing or protective sun lotion. Because of the hot sunshine and ozone depletion, if you sit outside for an extended period of time then you will get skin cancer. This is not because “you deserved” to get cancer, nobody deserves to get cancer. This is not because of an unmerciful middle-man, handing out punishments from the clouds. This is just a natural process, based on human physiology and ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

In other words certain causes give rise to certain effects. Karma works in much the same way, just as over exposure to the sun leads to skin cancer. But karma does not work just in negative ways, it also works in positive ways. Negative actions lead to future suffering and positive causes lead to future happiness. Karma is sometimes referred to as “the law of cause and effect” because of this relationship. This relationship is illustrated in the table below.

Cause Effect
Negative action Future suffering
Positive action Future happiness

With this knowledge then you are able to create the type of future that you want for yourself and others by choosing what type of actions you perform here and now. With this knowledge then you become the master of your own destiny. Then the question becomes: what type of future would you like and how will you go about creating it?

Love, @happy_ops