Compassion vs. Missile Strike Against The Bashar al-Assad Government

This week, the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria launched a chemical attack against citizens in the Idlib province. Russia stepped in during 2013 promising to disarm Bashar al-Assad government of chemical weapons. Somehow the Bashar al-Assad government still has chemical weapons and other weapons. President Trump took issue with this attack as those citizens included children. President Trump launched 59 missiles in a strike against Syrian airbases.

In this situation with the various group, who are the suitable recipients for prayers and compassionate thoughts? Which is a suitable group to practice tonglen or other meditations on compassion?

  • Bashar al-Assad government: Because of the weapons they are deploying in their agenda for power, they are creating incredible negative causes for their future suffering.
  • Syrian people: Have been experiencing years of suffering at the hands of their own government.
  • Russian government: Have mishandled the situation intentionally or accidentally failing to disarm the Bashar al-Assad government. It appears that they have equipped them with other weapons, indirectly creating incredible negative causes for their future suffering.
  • United States government: Have waded in all guns firing without any clear attempt to first exhaust peaceful negotiations. The missile strike would have inevitably killed many people. Perhaps President Trump has the pure, compassionate intention of trying to protect those who cannot protect themselves. But perhaps Present Trump just accidentally started a war with Russia by proxy.

The different types of ignorance of the Bashar al-Assad government, Russian government, and the United States government. They are ignorant of the law of cause and effect.

The suffering of the Syrian people is clear now, but the governments will experience their own suffering to lesser or greater degrees. The Russian government are indirect participants and perhaps President Trump does have a pure motivation. But people have died due to their actions and they will carry karmic consequences.

The Bashar al-Assad government, Russian government, and the United States government all seem to have taken quite a cavalier attitude towards the life of other people. It seems clear that they have not exhausted all avenues of peaceful negotiation before entering into acts of violence.

Their ignorance and suffering are all suitable recipients of our prayers and compassionate thoughts.

Love, @happy_ops