Taking Time From The Office

Continuing from the last article, the question becomes how would you like to spend the time afforded by this life?

  • Spending hours at the office until the work is done. There is always more work to do.
  • Hedonistic hours spent intoxicated by alcohol or other substances.

Shantideva makes this point:

75. Some, ambitious for prosperity,
Not knowing how to get it, sell themselves.
Happiness eludes their grasp and pointlessly
They live and labour for their masters.

Where is the space for your priorities in your life, whatever they those priorities? These are the priorities that we are considering in our lives:

  • Time to study the Dharma and for formal meditation practice.
  • Time spent in important friendships and relationships in our lives, as Bronnie Ware mentioned.
  • Balanced against our professional and financial goals.

The verse in this article were taken from this translation of the text by Shantideva:

‘The Way of the Bodhisattva’ by Shantideva translation by Padmakara Translation Group
ISBN 1590303881

Love, @happy_ops