Reward System Based On Drinking

The previous post started with “we think that we’ve been drinking too much”. This raises the question: why have we been drinking too much?

On reflection, alcohol has become a reward system that we treat ourselves to. The problem is that we are treating ourselves too much. Often this is a quiet inside voice that excuses “just a little drink” or earnestly explains “you earned it” after a hard day at work. Sometimes the quiet inside voice is comforting and soothing, others it is insidious, but each time it is manipulative.

The manipulation occurs because of the narrative that fits us into a story, the sweet hero or heroine. Whether a poor victim of the work overlords or victorious in some achievement. The storyline is there, and it makes perfect sense for the hero or heroine to receive their alcohol. The bottom line is that we are attached to alcohol, we desire it and seek it out.

Like any well worn plot line, we are becoming tired of the characters repeating the same mistakes to get to the same result. It seems that some plan is needed to move into a new storyline where the characters can move forward.

This raises the question: what can we put in it’s place? We will need an alternative plan and reward system rather than leaving an empty vacuum. An alternative would need to be enjoyable and offer some form of relaxation, such as:

  • More meditation.
  • ‘Dharma days’ spent studying and meditating on the Dharma.
  • More exercise, such as walks by the sea.
  • Weekends away, to get out of the city.

This will take further consideration.

Love, @happy_ops