Taking Control of Our Drinking


To be honest, we think that we’ve been drinking too much. It has made for a fun Christmas season, southern hemisphere summertime, and a way of relaxing when faced with an intense period of work. But on reflection we think that we have been drinking a bit too much. Fun social drinks on weekends have crept into a weekday drinks in the sun, and drinking at the end of a stressful day at work.

Changes In Habit

Previously in this blog post we described how avoiding intoxication altogether might be an unrealistic goal for us. Rather than setting goals that are unachievable, we want to modify our habits in ways that we could maintain in the long term. Much like a diet will only lead to short term weight loss, we would rather have healthier habits that brings weight loss in the long term.

The Impact Of Alcohol

The edges have become too blurred and it is time to rein in our bad habits. The impact of drinking has been felt in these ways:

  • A lack of concentration while drinking, and needing too much caffeine to concentrate the following day.
  • An attachment to having alcohol available and to the comfortable feeling that alcohol offers.
  • The cost of drinking. When you get a taste for the “top shelf” selection, alcohol can become increasingly expensive.
  • The big health benefit is losing weight, as alcohol itself is very calorific as well as the fructose and sugar in wines and beers. There can also be some discomfort the following day.

The Decision

After some debate we decided to go back to drinking only on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and public holidays (such as Christmas Day). The intention is that the week (Monday to Thursday) will be clear of booze. We will revisit the decision in mid-year and review whether this is enough.

We would drinking to be limited to once per week, or limit drinking to a maximum 2-3 drinks. But first we would like to set realistic objectives.

Love, @happy_ops