Quitting the vegan lifestyle

After being vegan for almost 4 years, we have decided to break the plant-based diet and go back to a vegetarian diet. We have recently added some dairy and will eventually add eggs when we’re ready. The taste of dairy has been very sour / rancid, but hopefully this will improve over time.
As described in the previous post the reason for the change is due to general health concerns. Long-term scientific studies have demonstrated that even though calcium is available from plants, the level of absorption into the body is limited. There are also other nutrients that are difficult to get from a plant-based diet. Additional discussion can be found here:
We are just beginning to get used to the idea of dairy and eggs. From an ethical perspective eating dairy and eggs still makes us uncomfortable, and it will take some time to be okay with it. While we will always opt for the more ethical eggs, we are under no illusion about suffering that is intrinsic to modern farming methods.
Love, @happy_ops