World Vegan Day, Animal Books

A new Buddhist book has been written by Matthieu Ricard describing why it’s a good idea not to eat animals. Surprisingly, this is one of only two Buddhist books that were written by known teachers. The other one was written over 150 years ago by Shabkar. There are other Buddhist books available written by Buddhist students, but not really other Buddhist teachers.

This lack of material from respected teachers might be somewhat of a surprise. One factor for this might be that consuming meat was a necessary practice. Here are two potential scenarios where consuming meat might have been necessary:

  • At high altitudes, if nutritious plants were not available. Consuming meat might have been the only option available to them.
  • Monks and nuns doing alms rounds in Theravadan traditions throughout South Asia might have been given meat and that is what they had to eat that day.

Fortunately, these two situations apply to very few people. If you live near a supermarket then you have a range of options available to you and you can shop according to your

A Plea for the Animals by Matthieu Ricard

ISBN 13: 9781611803051

Food of Bodhisattvas by Shabkar

ISBN 13: 9781590301166

Love, HOps