World Vegan Day, November 1


World vegan day is on November 1 every year.

The word “vegan” carries some baggage that might indicate extremist views, that are pretty heavy given that it is just the name of a diet! We prefer the phrase “plant based diet” as it does not carry this baggage and focuses on the food by saying “we eat just plants”.

This ties in to the 3 Trainings which are:

1. Receiving teachings: Such as attending teachings at a Dharma center, reading Buddhist books, or from a recording.

2. Reflection: Thinking about the material as you go about your day. Think about the teachings as you do chores at home, walk through the city, wait in line, or drink your coffee. Think about how they apply to day-to-day life and how things might go differently if they were put into action.

3. Formal meditation: Analytical meditation on the teachings while seated in formal meditation session.

We think that there is an important fourth training that is missing:
4. Apply the teachings: Finally, the teachings are actually applied and put into practice in every action that you perform throughout the day.

We try to put the Buddha’s teachings into actions every day. This applies from our motivation for the day through, the actions that we engage, what we wear, and what we eat. We eat a plant-based diet because it seems to be the best way of reducing the suffering for other animals. This is the subject of the article next week. As Buddhist students that apply the Dharma to our lives, eating a plant-based diet is the logical choice.

In the meantime we warmly wish you a happy world vegan day!!

Love, HOps