Dharma For Kids, The Question

Request From HH Dalai Lama

HH Dalai Lama asks the question different He frequently asks students to find ways of teaching ethics and morality to the next generation in a way that is not specific to Buddhism or any a religion.

This is a difficult question to answer because ethics and morality are often tied to concepts such as God or Karma. Just saying “well it’s the right thing to do” is not a strong convincing argument.

But just because the question is difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to find a good answer. Certainly when HH Dalai Lama asks questions like this, it is worth giving it proper consideration.

Practical Problem

We also wanted to share the benefits of the Buddha’s teachings with a 7 year old boy. Given the age, due care must obviously be taken to avoid any teachings that might become a burden or to make the child fearful. Obviously a discourse on the lower realms is out of the question, even karma is a difficult subject without creating a burden.


So our question is this:

How can we teach ethics without any religious context, and how can the benefits of the Buddha’s teachings be shared with a 7 year old boy?

Love, HOps