Meditation, vs. Modern Distractions

The modern world is filled with distractions, often fixating on the most trivial of matters. It is worth considering how much of this soaks into your consciousness.

For example, just recently there is so much focus on the Apple iPhone 7 not including a 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, the missing audio jack does affect the experience as an Apple consumer. However, the attention and focus on it seems miss-placed. Surely all of that energy and focus could be placed on something more important like getting to know yourself better.

It is worth reflecting on what are the other distractions in life that seem to take up so much of your time, but perhaps hold very little value or meaning in your life. Is it really helpful to absorb so much news and thoughts from others that drown out your own inner voice? Is idly playing games really relaxing and fulfilling?

Through meditation you can also shift focus away from the distractions that fill modern life like so much litter. Maybe the lack of a 3.5mm audio jack on a mobile phone is not the end of the world after all.

Love, HO