Meditation, vs. Modern World

In the modern world people typically focus on work and hobbies, relationships and experiences, and other achievements and goals that are external to themselves. It is easy to get lost in the busyness and silliness of modern life.

Because we’re habituated to looking externally, there can be a disconnect with where you’re at internally. The dashboard used to monitor “where you’re at” might not be as sophisticated as we might like. Perhaps there are just a few flashing lights like “hungry”, “tired”, “horny”, or whatever.

Through meditation you can overcome this insensitivity to where you’re at, and improve the dashboard so that you have a better self awareness and a richer relationship with yourself. You’re awesome and you might not even know it.

Maybe you used to know how awesome you are, or have a rich dashboard to monitor “where you’re at” but maybe you’ve lost touch with that. Perhaps some experience or somebody drew your attention away from yourself.

With this in mind, the next few blog posts are about meditation and your relationship with yourself.

Love, HO