Fabulous Prizes To Be Won

Modern Life

The sum of a life can amount to little more than one long shopping spree, filled with materialistic goals and gratification through consumerism. It’s almost like a game show where there are fabulous prizes to be won.

Welcome to this week’s show, and tonight our contestants can win a fitted kitchen, deluxe sports equipment, a home entertainment studio, or this amazing car!!

Let’s meet this week’s contestants …

Wow, look at that amazing car. You can literally get from one geographic location to another, via roads. Just think of it!!

There can be a preoccupation with consumerism to the extent where life becomes just about the acquisition of products and services. Rather than using those products and services to live life, the goal becomes their acquisition.

The scope of modern life is like looking in to a brightly-lit shop window, filled with shiny nick-nacks that are popular now but will soon lose their novelty. A life can be wasted in this way.

The Buddhist View

This materialistic goal of modern life is in stark contrast with the Buddhist view of life, that is vast and almost unfathomable. In the Buddhist view, this life can be used to work towards Enlightenment to benefit everybody, literally everybody. Along the path to Enlightenment you can achieve incredible states of bliss within yourself. In you.

This week’s talk by Geshe Wangchen was about this precious human rebirth. The scope is like looking at a vast mountain range. Yes, it is a difficult trek but you can achieve so much.


Rather than fritter away my time being lazy, I could put the effort in and achieve something real in this life. It’s a question of making time and putting the effort in.