Arydeva’s 400 Verses #1-#12

I have put together a rough shorthand version of ‘Arydeva’s 400 Verses’ based on the text ‘Aryadeva’s Four Hundred Stanzas On The Middle Way’ by Geshe Sonam Rinchen. This shorthand version is simply a product of my own self-study derived from following Geshe Sonam Rinchen’s commentary. To somebody who knows what they are talking about, I am sure that this shorthand version will sound like a another text altogether!!

Chapter 1. Abandoning Belief in Permanence

1. Don’t waste your life
with idle laziness,
what could be more tragic?

2. Because you have a date of birth,
your date of death is waiting
for you, patiently.

3. You can’t plan out
your life or your spiritual development
as you have no idea how long you will live.

4. You will need to deal with
the reality of your own death,
it cannot be offloaded or outsourced.

5. In the world there is not enough
broccoli and healthy living,
botox and beauty products
to stop death from coming.

6. Why do you not fear death,
youcome face-to-face with it
in every meal you eat that contains meat.

7. Your date of death is a big surprise,
waiting just for you!!

8. You are slowly dying,
but you waste your time on trivial pursuits.
Can you actually call yourself intelligent?

9. What ill deeds have you performed
for this life, let alone your previous lives?
Already you have given too much of yourself away.

10. Yet, you have this opportunity to know yourself,
this opportunity is so unusual that it is unique.

11. You can’t live long and still remain youthful.
As you live longer you age and look old.

12. Remember that it is your nature to die,
the same as everybody else.
So don’t be surprise by the death of others,
it is their nature too.