An Unusual Dream

I had an unusual dream on May 31st. The dream was emotionally intense in the beginning, then seemed to tail off towards the end. It went like this:

From a distance I could see them coming. A room high above me and far away had a large glass side. Despite the distance the red and the yellow were distinctive through the glass side. A group of monks were arriving and descending down together.

I hurried into the main prayer room (gompa). I was seated on the group towards the front for some unexpected reason. While I was waiting I fiddled with a bracelet that I was wearing. Looking closely at the bracelet, I noticed that it was formed of many beads. I noticed the beads that were of skulls. While I was fiddling with the bracelet it broke, sending beads around me. I hurriedly tried to collect them together. I managed to group them all together close to me. While they were on the ground I noticed that there weren’t just skull beads, there were other rounded beads, and larger Buddha head beads as well.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama came in. I think he was wearing his traditional red and yellow robes. He came in and sat right next to me on the floor. This was an emotionally intense experience and I think that I began to cry. He started to give a talk while he looked through my collection of beads in front of me. I noticed the hand of His Holiness moving over some of the beads and particularly the Buddha head beads. His hand moved his hand and he picked up the broken string that had held together the beads.

The skull beads were a reminder of death, that it is inevitable and that the only useful thing in life is the practice of Dharma that will benefit you in future lives. The Buddha head beads represented the Buddha-nature of all beings, that inner potential for full enlightenment that we all possess. By His Holiness holding up the string that held them together, this was a teaching on impermanence. Two aspects of impermanence come to mind. The first is how there is no stopping the relentless process of change, where everything is changing moment-by-moment. Rather than trying to work against impermanence, it is far better to work with that change. The second seems more suited to the bracelet and His Holiness picking up the broken string that had held the beads together. All of the causes and conditions to practice the Dharma are only together for a short period of time. These causes and conditions include reasonably good health, having free time to practice, having the interest and willingness to practice.

The talk continued. I was trying to be respectful to His Holiness so I backed away, giving him some personal space. But then he moved closer to me. This continued and suddenly I found myself towards the back of the room. This seemed to signify that he was trying to reach out to me and teach the Dharma, even if I busy myself with trivial and time wasting activities.

Eventually the talk finished. For some reason somebody in a traditional Tibetan (lay) outer robe in grey suit material and white pin-stripes seemed to get up in front of me and leave. I’m not sure if it was His Holiness or somebody else. I had been crying because of the intensity of the intensity of having His Holiness sat next to me. My current boss brought me an orange or pink coloured drink in a red plastic cup. I’m not sure what this end section signified.