The Real Priorities, part 2

Following the discussion from the last blog post, I tried to think of practical ways

  1. Body, it’s comfort and care: Take care of my body but not spend too much time tending to it.  Not be attached to signs of ageing.
  2. Job and career path: To work hard in my career to benefit clients, without being attached to a specific outcome when facing difficulties or things don’t go as planned.
  3. Money and financial planning: Be more generous with my money while applying wisdom to how I am giving.

Scott Neeson also recognised the limited happiness, joy, and fulfilment that can be taken from those three things and questioned his priorities. The links below describe how Scott Neeson gave up his successful movie career and founded the Cambodian Children Fund. Please note that this is incredibly inspiring but also upsetting:

The example of Scott Neeson and so inspiring of what is possible.