Emptiness, The Final Frontier, part 8

What does it mean that I lack true existence, that I do not exist inherently or intrinsically in the way that I had felt all along? It means …

  • there is no need for all of my conniving, my planning, and my calculating;
  • then I don’t get my way then there really is no need to get worked up like a toddler having a tantrum;
  • I can let go of all of the tension before I work myself up to a stress-plosion and work myself straight into a coffin;
  • I can let go of all of the regret that I carry around for things done or not done, I can look beyond the past and future, they even lack true existence in the first place;
  • maybe I can relax because ultimately there is nothing to get worked-up about and nothing to fear;
  • maybe I can look beyond my own selfish needs and extend out to all others more universal compassion and loving kindness.