Big “I” not little “i”

There has been a recent trend to prefix consumer products with a little “i”. Like “iComputer” or “iHouse”. For premium consumer products the “i” carries a sense of identity and how the owner identifies themselves in-terms of that consumer product. As if to say “I’m the kind of person who owns an iComputer” is a way of identifying yourself with a specific demographic. As well as reinforcing the identity it also reinforces the sense of ego as a way of identifying yourself with the privileged elite.

The same applies for any consumer products, not just those prefixed with a little “i”. This in-turn reinforces the sense of big “I”, that sense of self. It begins with an identity and an ego, but it I think it is much more expansive than those two things alone. In this way the big “I” is much bigger than those included in the little “i” premium product line.

It is this big “I” that is the source of all of our problems in the forms of self-cherishing and self-grasping. To meditate on self-cherishing is this big “I” that is the object of negation.