Emptiness, The Final Frontier, part 4

What Is Emptiness?

Note: For “stuff” read as “phenomenon”.

Both the subtler attributes of stuff as well as the grosser storyline are both on my side as my own creation. Both fail to take into consideration the changing nature of stuff.


Attributes: The qualities that we impute on to stuff, for example:

  • The object in front of me is a tree.
  • The branches are silvery brown, the leaves are a certain type of green.
  • The fruit on the tree are apples.

Storyline: The storyline gives rise to the mental afflictions such as desire and hatred.

  • The expectation of the apple, the taste, the lifetime, that it isn’t riddled with insects.
  • The colour of the leaf indicates that it is coming to the end of it’s season.
  • Apple trees remind me of the apple tree my family had in our back yard.
  • I don’t like those kinds of apples, I like Granny Smith apples.

Changing nature of stuff: All stuff is in a constant state of constant change, caught in a wave of causes and conditions. Yet we try to apply permanent labels and permanent abstractions on to stuff that is impermanent.