Emptiness, The Final Frontier, part 3

The Sense of I, part 2

To find the sense of “I” is very difficult to find at all.
It is there all of the time, staring you in the face every moment of every day.
This “self” that steals our peace of mind like a thief in the night,
This “self” that we cherish above all, that we are willing to sacrifice all for.

As an intrinsic entity,
something that is intrinsically there, some sort of inherently existing agent,
as though it were an intrinsic aspect of the 5 Aggregates tied within,
that has been there for as long as you can remember, that forms our sense of identity.

As a self-sufficient, substantial entity,
it is there when you plan your day, to when think about what you want to eat for dinner.
it is like the general, issuing commands and giving orders from the back, watching the action unfold.
something more than the bodies of the troops on the ground, something more than the body and the 5 Aggregates.
when you think “I want”, “I need”, there it is.

As an unchanging, unitary, autonomous entity,
at the heart of consumerism, materialistic
it is the target of the advertising campaign of every product or when you buy something because you deserve it.
any emotion that you feel so strongly, is your own emotion that is yours and yours alone.
It is the centre of your self-centred universe.