Emptiness, The Final Frontier, part 2

The Sense of I, part 1

The “I”, the sense of self that you have,
that is like a shadow that follows you everywhere without you even noticing,
and changes the way that you look at every thought and interaction that you have.

You don’t have to look far to find it,
it is there when you plan your day, to when think about what you want to eat for dinner.
it is the target of the advertising campaign of every product or when you buy something because you deserve it.

The outside world appears so substantial that it definitely exists,
without doubt the outside world appear to truly exist, as though it could not possibly exist in any other way.
The “I” appears to exist in the same way.

But the “I” and in fact all things lack any type of true existence,
they don’t exist in the definite and concrete form that appear to.
This misunderstanding is the cause of all of our problems.