The Game, Changing Football Manager

Changing Football Manager

Sometimes a medical metaphor is used to describe the Buddha, the Dharma (his teachings), and the Sangha (the Arya beings and the ordained monks and nuns). I thought of another metaphor that might be useful.

Thinking about life as a game and the goal of the is to be happy. But we’re going about playing this game completely wrong. Whenever we get ahead in the game and experience moments of joy and happiness it is typically by accident. Soon after our defence collapses and we are back to running around the field.

Our team mates are those people who are in our lives. Friends we choose but we don’t choose family and typically work colleagues. Some of our team mates have good skills where others fumble or trip us up with their bad habits and distracting us.

The Buddha is a hands-on manager. In America you might think of Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys. Soccer fans might think of Alex Ferguson of Manchester United. Under the Buddha’s management we understand the game completely differently and play the game completely differently. By doing this we can get a higher score and be more happy more of the time.

The Buddha gives us new tactics that change the game for us, described in the Dharma. This is discussed in the next post.It is not enough to talk a good game, you need to play a good game as well.

The Sangha are the coaches, they will encourage you in your game, run you through your drills, and help talk through the tactics and give you pointers on your game. They can also help describe how the Dharma can be applied to your particular situation. The Sangha know the game inside out because they used to play the game as well, some are even in the ‘hall of fame’.