Food of Bodhisattvas, Good Nutrition

Go Vegan

Before making any decision I wanted to ensure that I could get enough nutrition through a plant-based diet.

The ‘Go Vegan’ website was a great starting point about nutrition but also meal plans with ideas to keep food interesting.

Plantae Nutrition

As I mentioned, during this time I was able to speak to somebody training to be a nutritionist that specialises in a plant-based diet.Good intentions are enough, I wanted to make sure that I was going to look after myself and get adequate nutrition.

They were able to talk through my concerns about getting enough nutrition from a plant-based diet. They were able to quote scientific studies and remark on how some studies are misquoted. This changed the conclusions and lifestyle recommendations based on those scientific studies. I found this science-based approach easier to accept.

It was quite a shock to find out about so many scientific studies that went against many assumptions about health and nutrition. The answers were very surprising. I asked questions about:

  • Are animal products the only source of calcium and protein?
  • Can I eat an unhealthy plant-based diet?
  • What junk food is left on a plant-based diet?
  • Can too much tofu give you man-boobs?

Since this time, this person has started a business providing nutrition advice for people starting a plant-based diet, expectant mothers, companies that provide light refreshments and meals to staff, and anybody else interested in a plant-based diet.

My personal experience was that Plantae Nutrition helped me transition to a plant-based diet in a healthy way. Unfortunately some people think that a plant-based diet is inherently healthy, which is just not the case. I’m super grateful to Plantae Nutrition for their help. I hope their business continues to benefit many others.

Vegan Fo Life

The nutritionist also recommended the following book. The title sounds a bit like Tupac’s stomach tattoo “Thug Fo Life”. But the book is less “fluffy hippie” and more “hard science”, just like the nutritionist.

9. ‘Vegan for Life’ by Jack Norris, Virginia Messina
ISBN-10: 0738214930